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Intrexon Strengthens Leadership in Company's Rapidly Growing Health Sector
Dr. Gregory Frost of Halozyme Therapeutics to join as Senior Vice President in January 2014 to Further Drive Innovative Product Development

GERMANTOWN, Md., Dec. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Intrexon Corporation (NYSE: XON), a leader in synthetic biology, today announced the appointment of Dr. Gregory Frost, currently Chief Executive Officer of Halozyme Therapeutics (Nasdaq: HALO), to head Intrexon's Health Sector, reporting to RJ Kirk.  Dr. Frost's appointment with Intrexon will be effective January 6, 2014. Dr. Samuel Broder, former Director of the National Cancer Institute, has been named Chairman of the Health Sector.


Dr. Frost co-founded Halozyme in 1999 and has served on the Board of Directors and in numerous operational roles, including Chief Scientific Officer since 2002 and CEO since 2010.  For over 15 years, Dr. Frost led the research and development efforts at Halozyme from discovery through commercialization for a number of internal and partnered biotechnology products, as well as facilitating broad alliances with pharmaceutical companies such as Roche and Pfizer.

On Dr. Frost's joining Intrexon, Randal J. Kirk, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, observed that "I have worked with Greg since 2005 and know him to be among the rarest type of biotech executive, a first-rate scientist with a knowledge base that is as broad as it is deep, an intense curiosity and intensity to solve important healthcare problems with creative biological invention, a passionate commitment to data and the intellectual strength to drive data acquisition and analyze its meaning, a broad industrial comprehension and a proven executive skillset to lead a complex of therapeutic teams from discovery work all the way through product registrations in the U.S. and in Europe.  Equally important, Greg's integrity and work ethic are complementary with our standards at Intrexon and actually exemplary of them.  We know that we shall have a terrific working relationship out the gate and I look forward to working with Greg to deliver on the promise of applying Intrexon's unique technologies to important healthcare needs."

Dr. Frost commented, "Having worked very closely with Mr. Kirk and knowing much of the team at Intrexon, I have developed a profound level of respect for both the people as well as the immense potential of their unique technology platforms.  The ability to solve the historical challenges of DNA and cellular-based therapies through synthetic biology could very well solve many healthcare challenges previously deemed untreatable. I am passionate about maximizing the potential of these platform technologies for patients and shareholders."   

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